another year.

posted on 10 Jan 2011 21:13 by shinozukebook

when you make something meaningful , it's meaningful.

and when you make something meaningless , it's meaningless.

even though it's the same thing.


last year , i try to make my HAPPY NEW YEAR meaningful.

it turns to be meaningful. and then i know

it's kind of... . 


this year , when the new year had come , i was on the plane leaving to Japan.

but you know i count it nothing.

and it means nothing.

and you know what?

i was really comfortable and completely be myself.


sometimes we just need to run away from what we call "yes" thing.

sometimes we just need to be at somewhere nobody knows us for a while.

and sometimes we just don't know who actually deserve our care.


thanks mom&dad for taking me to somewhere. and really "somewhere".

because i'm totally sick of this city.


it's good to travel because

when i got back , i really forgot many things.

and i found that sometimes it's better to forget.

even if they are good memories.


life is about moving forward.

just have to take only something , only things need. not every single thing.

just go on till run out of the chance to go.